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Every now and then a band comes along that grabs you by the ears and just makes you listen. One that doesn't sound like just anyone. A band that changes people perceptions. A band that,- changes music. In an age where sampling and digital mixes run rampant, it's refreshing to hear something a little different and less sterile - something that has heart. A return to fun. A return to roots. This band has a unique presence; that something special that sets them far apart from the everyday songs that bombard us at every turn. It is this simplicity and rawness that takes everyone to that happy place which is linked to fun, good times, and above all an appreciation of great music. This is what music is meant to be about. This is passion, dreams, and the belief that one band can change the world. We are pleased to introduce The Judes

Triple J

FBI Faster Louder MTV Rage JTV Triple J Unearthed Max Tooheys Uncharted
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